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Mobile Repair
Took my husband’s iPhone in because his screen was pulling apart from the phone. Chris told me that he could repair the screen. He immediately typed and sent the quote to my email. While the gentleman was fixing the screen he saw that the battery had expanded. He immediately called and told me I needed to replace the battery and quoted me the price. I agreed and he said the phone would be ready at the time Chris had told me which was 1.5 hrs. We picked it up and it looked brand new. Thank you
– Jean S.
Computer Repair
I went there to fix a computer I built a while ago. It was doing some weird stuff so they had it for two days. They did a lot of work trying to figure out what the problem was and I even got updates while they were fixing it. After they told me what the problem was I told them I would fix it myself and that I would tip them because I knew they did a lot of work and they refused. I will definitely come back in the future and be recommending them to anyone and everyone.
– Braden C.
Mobile Repair
I had a GREAT experience having my devices serviced at A&K! The young men who helped were highly professional, and they were able to fix devices for which I was turned away at other fix-it shops. Best of all, you don't pay if they can't fix it, so there is no reason not to try them! They even took some old devices off my hands for recycling so that I don't have to wait around for the local electronics recycling days. Highly recommended!
– Paco J.
Computer Repair
It was a good experience, my data transfer didn't take any time at all. They were helpful in assisting me in getting all of my requests completed in a timely manner. I like both of the guys that were working, they were very kind and professional. I will be returning to A & K mega Service for any other of my electronics.
– Willie B.
Mobile Repair
I broke the charging port on my iPad with a non Apple charging device. Googled iPad repair and decided to try A&K. This shop is awesome. I walked in without an appointment, described what I thought my issue was, then ran some errands while they repaired my iPad. 25 minutes later and a quoted reasonable fee, not only was my iPad repaired, they had started charging it for me. Would highly recommend this store.
– Etta B.
Laptop Repair
These guys are great, professional, honest, reliable, and very helpful. They helped me understand what was going on and how it would be fixed. Great prices. And quality work... Been back many times and will continue to use this company 😀 Thanks guys
– Scott G.
Mobile Repair
This place has treated me very well. I have had two repairs done there. One repair was to replace the volume buttons on my phone after I had jammed them in, and recently, they replaced a completely dead battery in that same phone. They communicate efficiently and quickly and do an excellent job on repairs. I am very thankful for them and will be going back to them for future repairs.
– Vincent V.
Laptop Repair
Wonderful experience where the staff helped me deal with a virus on my laptop. They were courteous, respectful, and easily resolved the problem. It only took a few minutes so they did not charge me. Next issue I am headed directly to them.
– Susan S.
Mobile Repair
Couple of young guys who are super impressive. Screen in my phone went dead after a drop. My hometown Verizon dealer in Mattoon said a screen would be 3-5 days just to get it. No expediting available. I asked. I use it for my business and needed it back ASAP and didn't want to pay off $350 on it to buy a new one. Drove it to A&K and less than 24 hours got it back as good as new. Very impressive young men.
– Mike B.
Mobile Repair
Your clerk, Andrew, was able to help me Monday to finish (successfully) setting up my phone. After talking with four people in Customer Service for the carrier PagePlus, and one person who attempted to send me a new SIM card, over the past three weeks, I was pretty frazzled. Andrew was able to make a few connections that made my phone activate completely. I appreciate the help.
– Lynda B.
Mobile Repair
Amazing Customer service!! Seriously polite and friendly people. They saved my phone. And saved me like $600. Highly recommend!! They have a messaging thing on their website but emailing them will you get an appointment faster. They will help figure out what is wrong and they will fix it!
– Rose F.
Mobile Repair
Totally impressed with this business. They replaced my iPhone screen within an hour !! Very professional & friendly 😊 Saved me $50- from getting it replaced at Best Buy. Recommend 💯 & will use in the future 🤩
– Katie P.

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